Balance Printables Brand Ambassador Program


What is the Balance Printables Ambassador program? 

We’re looking for makers and small businesses who are active on social media and willing to show their pride and passion for decorating garments to their followers! Accepted members have the opportunity to collaborate with Balance Printables on campaigns in return for: exclusive discounts, Monthly Free Brand Ambassador Transfers, BPCash, & more!


What’s required to be an ambassador with Balance Printables? 

  • Public Profile: We require that your account is public to be a part of the program, otherwise we can’t see your content!
  • Connecting your profiles to our system: when you apply as an ambassador you’ll need to connect your accounts so that your content pulls through! Don’t worry, we’ll only be able to see the content you tag us in.
  • Balance Printables Ambassadors must be 18 years or older.

What happens after I sign up? 

Once you sign up we’ll review your profile & make sure you meet all of the program’s requirements. Once accepted we’ll send you emails around specific campaign opportunities. If interested, you can apply and we will let you know if you’re accepted!

What do I get for posting?

Depends on the campaign! We offer a variety of incentives, which will always be outlined in the campaign’s instruction email. Incentives can be anything from a discount code, to BPCash!

Posting as a Balance Printables Ambassador:

  • We will send out campaign instructions that include dates for you to post!
  • In addition to the campaigns we send, you’re always welcome to post on your own & tag @balanceprintables, @balanceprintablesambassadors, #sponsored, & #balanceprintablesambassador
  • The more you post, the greater chance you have of being featured on our official social media accounts!

What should I be posting? 

We’ll send you instructions with examples / ideas of what to post! Take a look at our guide to creating a great post for more info.

Can I post & tag you without you sending me a campaign?

Of course! You’re always welcome to post showing off your fandom! Just make sure you tag @balanceprintables, @balanceprintablesambassadors, #sponsored, & #balanceprintablesambassador so that we see your content!

Tips for shooting your content: 


Please create and share content that is focused around your favourite transfer and that the product(s) reflecting your Balance Printables transfers are clearly displayed. Balance Printables sells Digital to Film Transfers (“DTF”), Sublimation Sheets and in 2023 we will offer stickers and maybe more!. So whether you’re wearing your favourite hoodie, holding your toddler with a shirt you made with Balance Printables transfers, or a hat, make sure that’s clearly the focus!


IG Story: We want you to add your own voice & make these sound authentic, but feel free to use the below as concepts to create from! 🙂 Please keep your video stories 15 seconds or less:

  • Produce a video of you showing off how many different transfers you own. Feel free to add music or speed up the video.
  • Produce a video with a tutorial on BP transfers.!
  • Balance Printables is the perfect place to find birthday & holiday gifts for everyone in your life! – show how amazing it is to make your own custom gang sheet with our exclusive software loaded on our website. 
  • How do you get ready for pressing your apparel? Show us your work area and behind the scenes tips and tricks of the trade!


Be creative! What current sounds & trends could you apply to Balance Printables? Outfit change transitions, “Tell me you’re a maker/crafter without telling me you’re a maker/crafter”, showing off your apparel collection or fan cave! Examples:

Setting up Paid Partnership:

Instagram Feed:

Please use the following instructions to set up Paid Partnership on your IG feed post:

  • Create a post.
  • On the screen where you write a caption, tap Advanced Settings.
  • Tag your business partner using the Branded Content tag.
  • Tap Allow Business Partner to Promote
  • Please refer to the creator how-to section of the guide here

IG Stories:

Please use the following instructions to set up Paid Partnership on your stories:

  • Select the branded content photo or video to add to your story.
  • Select the link icon that is located at the top of the story creation screen to open the More Options screen.
  • Tap Tag Business Partner and search for and select the correct business/brand you are partnering with.
  • Navigate back to the More Options screen and toggle on the Allow Business Partner to Promote button to give the business access to promote your story. Please note that once the advertiser runs the campaign, you will not be able to change this toggle setting.

General Do’s and Do Not’s: 


  • Clearly display your team’s logo!
  • Find good lighting (maybe a good background too!)
  • Feel free to include family or pets if they are sporting your team’s gear too!
  • Always tag @balanceprintables, @balanceprintablesambassadors, #sponsored, & #balanceprintablesambassador (we want to repost you!)

Do Not’s

  • Show any drugs, alcoholic beverages, nudity, etc. in your posts.
  • Include any political messaging in your content / copy.
  • Display, tag, or mention any other brands (including competing brands such as Stahls, Transfer Express, RBA Transfers etc) in your post image, tags, or caption. Licensed brands sold on (such as Disney, Registered Trademarks, ) can be displayed in content, but should not be mentioned or tagged.
  • Reproduce/display protected third party IP (e.g. music, photos, artwork, trademarks, celebrities, etc.)
  • DO NOT – State that Balance Printables is a sponsor for a giveaway that you create on your own for this campaign.