Official Campfire Hoodie – DTF Sheet

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  • Official Campfire Hoodie – DTF Sheet


    DTF Sheets are sold to be used with a heat press ONLY!  You can not apply these with an iron.
    This item is for the DTF printed image ONLY and no shirt will be sent to you.

    Adult Size: 10.5″ wide (max length of 12″)
    Youth Size: 9″ wide (max length of 11″)
    Toddler Size: 7″ wide (max length of 9″)
    Infant Size: 5″ wide (max length of 7″)

    Time 15 seconds, hot peel, 5 seconds with parchment paper
    Temperature for Application:
    138°C for Polyester material
    143°C for Cotton material
    Pressure: 60