DTF Cutting Service


Don’t like cutting up your DTF prints?  Let us do that for you.

$15 / hour, 1 hour minimum. Rounded to the 1/4 hour Invoice will be adjusted & resent once order is printed if any further time is required to cut your order.

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Sales are final, BUT if you are having trouble please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you troubleshoot the issue!

Printing Turn Around Time:

  • Individual Transfers: 3-4 business days
  • Gang sheet orders: 2 business days (up to 50 sheets)
  • Gang sheet orders: 3 business days (over 50 sheets)

Orders must be submitted before 3pm EST (noon on Friday). 

Blank Apparel Turn Around Time:

  • 2-3 business days

Orders must be submitted before 3pm EST (noon on Friday).